Apr 12

Do It Yourself Air Filter Service

Do It Yourself Air Filter Service

Regular air filter service is easy and important.

First, check the air filter service indicator if you have one. You’ll definitely find one of these if you have a diesel air intake. 

Also, knowing the location of the master airflow sensor on your car is a great thing to know-this will let you perform periodic do-it-yourself mass airflow sensor cleaning. This will save you a few bucks, not to mention a mass airflow sensor failure.

Without cold and fresh air intake, engine performance and mileage will suffer. Vehicles used for severe duty may require more frequent air filter service. Increasing fuel economy may be an air filter swap away.

Switching to washable air filters can save you money while installing a cold air intake system on your car will definitively increase engine performance. 

How Does A Cold Air Intake Work? And Why You Should Check Your Air Filters Every Six Months.

Motor engines act as air pumps. Chemically correct air fuel ratios are set to make power. More air, more fuel, more power. Your air filter is what keeps the intake air clean. Without it your engine would suck in more dirt and contaminate your engine combustion chambers.

Over time, dirt clogs the air filter, and your engine can’t breathe. Sluggish performance and poor fuel economy can be the result of a dirty air filter. Dirty air equals a dirty engine. 

How To Change Your Air Filter, Do-It-Yourself & Save

  1. Every cold air intake system is slightly different. Don’t attempt to force off tubes or air boxes. Check to see if all fasteners are removed first.
  2. Parts should come apart easily. Locate the cold air intake system on your engine. Unfasten all clamps, clips, fasteners, hold-downs and hoses. Consult your owner’s manual.
  3. Carefully remove air box cover and air filter.
  4. Air box cleaning is the key. Make sure it is free of dirt and debris.
  5. Fit new air filter in the air box or clean it if it is a washable air filter, and reinstall any fasteners and hoses previously removed.