Mar 10

Women Take a Hands-On Approach

Women Take a Hands-On Approach…

Female car owners are just as focused on maintaining their cars as assets and keeping them in good repair as their male counterparts. Nearly half (49%) of female car-owners depend on their cars for transportation to work or to help them find a job; one third (36%) say their car is one of their biggest investments; some 32% are taking better care of their cars now because they can’t afford a new one; one quarter (25%) are paying more attention to car maintenance than two years ago. Nearly one-third (29%) are doing their car maintenance themselves or with a friend or family member and roughly 7% have just taken over the maintenance after having it done professionally in previous years.

Of the maintenance projects done by female car owners with their friends or family, the most popular include:

  • 26% doing small maintenance tasks like oil changes and light bulb replacement
  • 26% focused on detailing projects to keep it looking new
  • 14% tackling tune-ups or using performance additives
  • 4% doing body repairs to fix scratches or dents

The biggest challenges female car owners face are:

  • Keeping it running without having to make or pay for repairs (31%)
  • Getting better fuel mileage (24%)
  • Keeping it looking good (9%)
  • Learning how to do maintenance projects themselves (6%)

With regard to car use:

  • 57% of female drivers are driving differently than they did two years ago
  • 43% are focused on driving less to save on gas costs and reduce car wear
  • 20% are driving less aggressively to prevent engine wear, and
  • 20% are driving more cautiously to avoid accidents and body damage

Even when the economy improves, women are committed to this new way of doing things:

  • 12% have said they would trade their current car for a new one
  • 12% would make the repairs they’ve been postponing due to the economy
  • 7% would have professional engine service, and
  • 9% would opt for detailing

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