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Mar 02

Have you heard of “HYDROLOCK”?

                  Hydrolock (a shorthand notation for hydrostatic lock) is an abnormal condition of any device which is designed to compress a gas by mechanically restraining it; most commonly the reciprocating internal combustion engine, the case this article refers to unless otherwise noted. Hydrolock occurs when a volume of liquid greater …

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May 17

DIY Shock or strut replacement

Replace Your Shocks and Struts Every 100,000 Km or 60,000 miles. You’ve probably figured out how to tell when your brakes or tires are wearing out. Shocks and struts are just as critical and they’re much more difficult to inspect. This can be frustrating, because your shocks and struts are safety-critical components that wear out …

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Apr 23

Tell me about that “Check Engine Light”.

Tell me about that “Check Engine Light”.  The automotive service industry calls the Check Engine light on your dash an “MIL” or Malfunction Indicator Light. It shows three different types of signals. Occasional flashes show momentary malfunctions. It stays on if the problem is of a more serious nature, affecting the emissions output or safety …

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Apr 11

Do it Yourself Brake Job

Do it Yourself Brake Job With the ever-rising cost of auto repairs, it’s harder to keep older vehicles in proper operating condition. Brake pad/rotor replacement is big profit for most shops, as the brake pads/rotors are typically low cost. A garage/dealer are paying the mechanic one hour labor (which runs about $20-$30) that means the …

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