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Apr 14

DIY Cabin Filter Replacement

DIY Cabin Filter Replacement How many of you actually know if your car has a cabin filter? What is a Cabin Air Filter?  The cabin air filter is a filtration medium that is attached to the outside air intake of your vehicle’s ventilation system. This device helps to improve air quality and filter out pollution …

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Apr 11

Do it Yourself Brake Job

Do it Yourself Brake Job With the ever-rising cost of auto repairs, it’s harder to keep older vehicles in proper operating condition. Brake pad/rotor replacement is big profit for most shops, as the brake pads/rotors are typically low cost. A garage/dealer are paying the mechanic one hour labor (which runs about $20-$30) that means the …

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Apr 09

Do It Yourself muffler system maintenance

Do It Yourself muffler system maintenance Mufflers are one of the most replaced components for a simple reason: They rust. This is especially true for Canadians who spend the winter driving on salted roads because salt will speed up corrosion. Even if your muffler is rust free, you may want to replace it with a …

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